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The 16th edition of the Attraction Mastery Summer Camp


Watch the video below to see what's in it for you:


*time left until the camp starts

LOCATION: Vama Veche, Romania

PERIOD: 10-16 Iulie 2017  sau 21-27 august 2017


THE CAMP INCLUDES: Training + Accommodation + 2 Meals / day + 3 Surprise Bonuses

7 reasons why you should attend this men camp

1. you will spend a full week at the Black Sea (Monday to Sunday) attending an outstanding training, along a powerfull group of men from TheRealMan community

2. you will feel like in a well-deserved holiday where you will not only get the chance to relax and have fun, but you will also learn useful things about your own masculinity by interacting with many women in a short period of time

3. you will develop your Emotional Intelligence and a unique set of communication skills which will improve your everyday life (with women but not only)

4. you will get the momentum and motivation that you need to get exactly from where you are to where you want to be in your interactions with women

5. you will go through an experience which is 90% practical (you will learn directly by meeting and interacting with the women that you like). In a single week you could meet more women that you usually do in a year

6. meals and accommodation are included with no extra fees (6 nights with 2 meals / day included)

7. you receive an action plan and personalized feedback so you can quickly overcome your fears and anything that is holding you back from being successful with women

fun and leisure time at the beach

experienced trainers that will assist you all the way

dynamic exercises to awaken your masculine energy

This Summer Camp is for you if:

  • if you're interested in an experience that will impact your future relationships with women
  • if you are ready to get out from your comfort zone and want to learn a natural way of relating to women
  • if you want to understand women emotional waves and want to take your relationships to the next level
  • if you are single and want to learn a non manipulative way to attract the women that you like
  • if you are already into a relationship but looking for a way to reignite the passion and intimacy
  • age doesn't matter as long as you are serious about your success. We had participants starting 24 to 52 years old so you are welcome too
See what our participants have to say about the Summer Camp

What will you learn at the Attraction Mastery Summer Camp

First of all you will get the know-how so you can feel confident when starting a conversation and we will put that know-how into practice in the in-field sessions where we will show you how to start a conversation with women that you don’t know (yet).

You will be challenged with practical missions that will help you get rid of limiting beliefs, which will allow you to communicate with women in a genuine, relaxed and authentic way, without feeling embarrassed about your intentions.

We will guide you to get rid of the fears that are holding you back, in a step-by-step process that will empower you to express your true masculine power, in a way that women find authentic and attractive.

In the 7 days you will learn to:

  • get over the fear of approaching women
  • how to start and lead meaningful conversations
  • how to go on an instant date with a woman you've just met
  • how to create and maintain attraction being totally relaxed in the interaction
  • how to escalate and go physical making her feel comfortable with you
  • how to create a deep emotional connection and transition to intimacy
  • how to tap into your masculine archetipe and a lot of other things that I'm sure you'll enjoy

In this camp you will be gradually get out of your comfort zone and explore new experiences that will help you awaken and strengthen those masculine traits that will allow you to attract and keep the women that you want in your life.

Long term benefits

By going through a series of missions that we will guide you through at the camp, you will develop strong and confident personality traits which will bring you a new set of skills many men long for:

  • you learn how to read women body language and know if there is attraction or not
  • you will rise your energy from Fear to Love and manifest that in your new interactions
  • by raising your level of attractiveness you will never get into the friend zone again
  • you become very selective and no longer go through being used by the women who want to consume your money, time and energy
  • you learn to attract in your life the kind of women that fulfill you sexually, emotionally and spiritually
  • you start to respect yourself more and get your needs met
  • you become a Real Man, an inspiration to your brothers and future sons

Methods that we use during the training

Everything that you will learn throughout this training is based on effective personal development methods for which we have all of the required credentials and experience:

  • Neuro-Linguistic programming techniques (NLP)
  • Transactional analysis
  • Theta Healing
  • Result oriented Coaching
  • Tribal masculine rituals
  • Meditation techniques

Training schedule


Sunday is the day you celebrate yourself. We will get together for feedback and we will set a healthy path so you can continue the process of personal development.

After a festive meal, starting 2 PM we will say goodbye and give ourselves a big hug like brothers.

some participants of last year's camp

Join us if you want to become a Real Man!

Few spots available.

In order to make sure we can give our best to each and every man attenting, we’ve limited the number of participants to just 15 for each of the camps that will take place this year.

Check your schedule for the summer as we recommend that you book your place as soon as possible so you can lock your spot.

PERIODS: 10-16 July 2017 or 21-27 August 2017

LOCATION: as in the past years, we will gather in beautiful resort Vama Veche, Romania

ACCOMODATION AND MEALS: INCLUDED (bed and breakfast, 6 nights + 2 meals a day)

ARRIVAL: Monday starting 2:00 PM and DEPARTURE, Sunday starting 3:00 PM

TRANSPORTATION: by plane to Bucharest, then train or car to Mangalia city than by car to Vama Veche resort


The investment for the whole Summer Camp (training + meal and accommodation), is 699 euro.

That’s about 100 Euro for each day, all included. It is a good price for you keeping account that we normally charge 100 euro per hour in individual training sessions.

And to make the decision easier for you, I am giving you the possibility of paying by installments, especially if you sign up soon. We can establish the number of installments as soon as you join.

Press the button below and book your spot at the camp. (Registration is performed by filling in a form and I am going to contact you shortly after that to validate the registration)

So join now and I'll see at the Summer Camp.


799 euro

  • 7 day training on masculinity and relationship
  • personalized feedback
  • accommodation + 2 meals / day
  • 3 Surprise Bonuses

UPDATE 20.07.2017 - only 15, 3 spots left


All events by TheRealMan are 100% guaranteed. If you do not like the camp you will be fully reimbursed.

Your risk is covered 100% by this warranty so you can register with an open hart.

About the Real Man Community

TheRealMan community was founded in 2007 for men who want to develop the skills necessary to have passionate, authentic relationships with the women of their dreams.

The community is currently composed of over 3000 online subscribers to our newsletters. Over 600 of these men frequently participate in trainings and camps organized on topics such as confidence, attraction and relationships.

Meet the Trainers

Hey brother,

My name is Silviu Iulian, the leader of TheRealMan community and our vision is to help men of all ages regain confidence in their masculine power and achieve the success that they want when it comes to relating with the opposite sex.

Here’s why I am confident that I can help you get the success you want in your dating life:

  • I started from scratch 7 years ago when I was virtually invisible to women therefore I understand your fears, what’s blocking you and any doubts that are holding you back.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of men in our summer camps, workshops and seminars. I know what works and what does not.
  • I am the author of two books: Shy and Sexy and The Guide to A Real Man, which helped a lot men get out of the victim’s role, take responsibility and get the results that they want in their love life.
  • The method that I teach, TheRealMan method, is based on honesty, trust and respect with women. You will not be ashamed of what you will be doing. All of the methods that I teach are truly appreciated by women.
  • I can teach you a natural game that will allow you to not get stuck in the Seduction trap. I have the big picture starting from being alone and sad to being in a happy relationship with a wonderful woman. (I will happily introduce you to her at the camp)
  • I am an authorized NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Coach and a member of The Romanian Coaching Academy. I know how much talk I need to put in so you won’t be overwhelmed with theories, but just enough to make you feel confident and take action.

Along my side at the camp you will find Marius Dumitru, masculinity and relationship trainer.

Marius is an example that you can change and attract the life that you want.

He joined TheRealMan community two years ago when he was recovering after a failed relationship.

Since then, he attended our trainings, invested a lot of time in his personal development and trained a powerful mindset for himself. Today he is enjoying a relationship with a beautiful woman which fulfills him on many levels.

Want to learn more about the camp?

Liten to the interview with Tomi, one of our students, below:

Info: 0749.810.387 (Silviu Iulian)